Cluster Headaches


Cluster Headaches Q&A

Cluster headaches are a neurological problem that can result in episodes of excruciating pain generally around one eye or other areas of the face, head and neck area. They tend to occur in cyclical or cluster patterns.

What are cluster headaches?

Cluster headaches are severe headaches on one side of your head that happen in groups, or "clusters" They usually occur over weeks or months. Cluster headaches can be so painful that you are not able to follow your normal routine or do your usual activities. The pain is often called the worst type of headache pain.

What causes cluster headaches?

Experts are not sure what triggers cluster headaches. They may run in the family but doctors are not clear why some people get cluster headaches and other don’t. A common symptom of cluster headaches is a severe burning or sharp, piercing pain on one side of your head. The pain spreads out from your temple and eye and your eye may become red, watery, or puffy.

How do you treat cluster headaches?

When a cluster headache starts, a doctor can prescribe medication or you can breathe in oxygen to help ease the pain or stop the There is no cure for cluster headacheheadache. Options may include inhaling oxygen through a mask - which quickly provides dramatic relief for many - and target medications. Medications may include corticosteroids, synthetic hormones and pain relievers. The targeted medications can be administered through IVs, nasal sprays, inhalers and injections. There is no cure for cluster headaches. For some patients who do not respond to these treatments, techniques such as nerve blocks or deep brain stimulations can be further explored with Dr. Racz.

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